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The Investigation of Potential Diet Related Risks of Bt Corn in a Long-Term Feeding Study with Laboratory Mice

In the proposed project 2 groups of laboratory mice are fed with a commercial diet, in which the corn part is substituted by Bt corn in the one diet and with the conventionally grown isoline (33%). It is planned to have 20 pairs per group and to breed 5 generations. The following parameters and methods will be applied:
- general:
feed intake:
feed conversion rate,
health control.
- reproductive parameters:
litter size and weight,
number of surviving young, rearing success.
- Physiological parameters:
histology of intestine epithelia, lymphatic nodules and spleen,
immunohistochemical tests for Bt antigens
absorption of macro molecules, measuring of the - permeability of the gut wall
Gene expression in the gut wall by means of micro array technique
Project Leader
Zentek Jürgen,
Type of Research
Basic Research
Zentek J., Project Leader
Zentek J., Project Leader
Vetmed Research Units
Institute of Animal Nutrition and Functional Plant Compounds,
Project partners
Funded by
BM für Gesundheit, Radetzkystrasse 2, 1030 Wien, Austria
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